Rental Terms

Please read these terms and conditions carefully. These terms and conditions constitute your rental agreement with the party mentioned in the booking form of the SIM Solutions website (hereafter “owner”). SIM Solutions S.A.R.L. ( acts as the owner’s agent but is not a party to the rental agreement.

Conclusion of agreement
1. Through the website of SIM Solutions you apply with the owner for a short-term stay on the property described therein. The rental agreement is concluded when you accept these terms and conditions. The rental period is as noted in the booking confirmation you receive from SIM Solutions.
2. Rental payments must be made directly to the owner. It is your responsibility to ensure payments are received by the owner in a timely fashion.
3. If you request a booking more than 8 weeks in advance of the start of the rental period, you must make a down payment of 30% of the rental price with your application. The remainder, together with the security deposit and additional costs, as noted on the booking form, must be paid at the latest 8 weeks prior to the start of the rental period. If the start of the rental period is less than 8 weeks in the future, the full rental price and security deposit must be paid directly with the application.
4. If you do not make the down payment within 8 days after the application, the agreement is annulled and the owner is no longer obliged to honour your application. If you do not pay the full amount including the security deposit at the latest 8 weeks prior to the start of the rental period, the owner may annul the agreement and retain the cancellation fee as referred to in the next section.
5. If you want to cancel your booking, you must notify the owner or SIM Solutions. The date of receipt of your notification determines which part of the rental fee serves as a cancellation fee. Cancellation done:
Over 42 days prior: 30% of the total rental fee (deposit will be returned)
29-42 days inclusive prior: 50% of the total rental fee (deposit will be returned)
0-28 days inclusive prior: 100% of the total rental fee (deposit will be returned)
6. All persons present on the property must be identified by name on the booking form when concluding the rental agreement.

Rules of conduct
7. All persons present must act as may be expected from a good tenant and may not cause damage or nuisance for others. When this article is violated the owner may terminate the agreement and remove you and your party from the property. The rental fee will not be refunded.
8. The owner is entitled to close the pool outside the season. This is not a ground for a refund of (part of) the rental fee.

9. If the booking form notes pets are allowed with permission of the owner, then you can request such permission by email to SIM Solutions. SIM Solutions will send your request to the owner and inform you of the owner’s decision. Refusal of permission is no ground to cancel the agreement.
10. If permission is granted, then for pets the following rules apply:
a. The owner allows you to bring your pet, however you remain at all times fully liable for your pet, including but not limited to: damage to the house, pool, garden, furniture, injury to other people, claims of third parties.
b. The presence of pets can result in additional cleaning of the property (hair, smell, dirt and other marks). If extra cleaning is performed as a result of this, the additional cost for this will be deducted from the security deposit.
c. Pets are under no circumstances allowed in the bedrooms, on beds, couches or in the swimming pool.
d. All pets must be free of fleas.
e. You must remove all droppings from the premises.

11. You and all members of your party must leave the property, the grounds and/or pool and other facilities (together: “the property”) in the same condition as you found it. You are liable for all deviations, including the costs of additional cleaning by the owner.
12. When departing you must cooperate in a final inspection to determine any damages or if additional cleaning is necessary. If you do not cooperate or if you have left the property prior to this final inspection, the owner may carry out the inspection without you. His findings then are final.
13. All members of your party are each individually liable for all obligations under this agreement. In addition these members must have proper liability, accident and health insurance. The owner is not liable for any consequences of not having proper insurance.
14. In case of damage or breakage you must notify the owner immediately. You are liable for all damages to the property attributable to you or any member of your party. Your liability includes he cost of repair, and if repair is not possible the cost of replacement.
15. The amount of the security deposit is noted on the booking form. The security deposit is returned at the end of the rental period. The owner however is entitled to subtract costs of damage to the property as well as for additional cleaning or service fees not paid during the rental period. Subtracting (part of) the deposit does not affect the owner’s right to claim damages or acts attributable to you or members of your party.

Liability and complaints
16. When the property is not available or unsuitable for rental at the beginning of the rental period, the owner will provide you with an alternative property of equal size and quality. Should this turn out to be impossible, you will be refunded the rental fee and the security deposit. The owner is not liability for additional damages or compensation.
17. You and the members of your party are each individually responsible for your party’s safety and conduct. The owner refuses any and all liability for accidents, loss or damages to the extent such refusal is permitted by law. The owner shall not be liable in any way for any disturbance originating beyond the boundaries of the property (such as noise).
18. To the extent permitted by law, the owner shall not be liable for any defects or breakdowns of mechanical, electrical or other equipment or goods, including the property itself and the pool, but shall upon the receipt of notice of the same use his best endeavours to effect repairs to or the replacement of any such item within a reasonable time and you shall not be entitled to any compensation in respect thereof.
19. Under the same conditions the owner shall not be liable in any way for the occasional appearance on the property of insects, vermin or other rodents or animals but every reasonable endeavour shall be made to limit or eradicate the same when notified of their presence.
20. In the event of any dissatisfaction or complaint concerning the property the client shall notify the owner immediately in order to enable him or his representative to take appropriate action. If a complaint is not resolved by the end of the rental period, you must again file the complaint in writing within seven days of this period. Complaints are between you and the owner; SIM Solutions is not a party to the complaint.
21. In no event shall the owner’s liability exceed the total rental fee paid by you.

Other provisions
22. In the event of any breach of the above terms and conditions by you or a member of your party, the owner may terminate the agreement forthwith. You shall be liable for all losses or damages suffered by the owner for such breach.
23. This rental agreement is concluded under the law of the place of business of the owner.

These rental terms may slightly differ per house.