WLuxury Rentals Dordogne is proud to introduce Rent-a-Relaxation, a new service for our renters: massage and yoga in the comfort of your own holiday home. A service as unique as it is beneficial, with a lot to be said for it. We have prepared a few questions for you.

Question 1: Marie-Hélène, how did you come up with the idea of Rent-a-Relaxation?

Marie-Hélène: Quite spontaneously, actually. My Parisian niece Julie came to stay with me for a week to recover from the stress of the city. After the second night, she asked, “Could you give me a massage?”. I gladly did. Julie enjoyed it very much and fell asleep immediately. She marvelled at the feeling of well-being and total relaxation. Couldn’t she start the day like that every morning? I explained that yoga is also a great way to start the day. Unfortunately, the week flew by. As we said goodbye, Julie asked, “Can’t you come to Paris twice a week from now on?” I thanked her politely, but then I thought: That might actually be a nice idea for holidaymakers. After all, they want to relax after a year of hard work. Long story short, that’s how the idea of Rent-a-Relaxation was born.

Question 2: Is it a bit like having a personal trainer for your mind?

Marie-Hélène: Similar. The big difference: I offer you relaxation, not effort. Because what is relaxation? It is a state of physical and mental peace and tranquillity. It reduces tension, worry and stress. You will feel refreshed and rejuvenated. You can achieve physical relaxation through massage. When combined with yoga exercises, a deep sense of peace and relaxation is often achieved. Your mind is freed from negative thoughts and calms down. These techniques reduce stress and promote a sense of inner peace.

Massage en yoga aan huis

Question 3: Can it boost my holiday feeling? Like a turbo?

Marie-Hélène: I can’t guarantee that. In a relaxing environment like the Dordogne, you are guaranteed to have minimal stress stimuli anyway. I would say that with Rent-a-Relaxation, you can make your holiday even more relaxing. Naturally. Fourteen days in the Dordogne will make anyone feel better. But with R-a-R, you’ll recharge your batteries even more, and often more intensely. In fact, many women feel they have more than earned R-a-R, as a reward for a year of stress. Personally, I always say: “You deserve it”. Soothing relaxation for body and soul is not only good for everyone, it is often a necessity.

Question 4: Is Rent-a-Relaxation also suitable for men?

Marie-Hélène: I say YES, without a doubt. Men in particular would do well to reduce their stress, even if they rarely admit it. They would rather check their emails three times a day. It reassures them that everything is under control. They usually respond to stress by going for a run or a bike ride. Relaxing through exertion, so to speak. Do I have a special programme for that? “Muscle reinforcement”. In good old English: muscle strengthening. It’s actually a spa version of existing muscle-strengthening exercises designed for people who have had surgery. It’s when some muscles need to be revived. Over the course of half an hour, I teach the right exercises to get any man’s seldom-used muscles back in shape. That’s what almost every man wants – to be reborn like a young god. I can’t guarantee the latter, but I can guarantee the way to get there.

Question 5: What do you take with you when you make house calls?

Marie-Hélène: The product I sell is called relaxation. Besides massage and yoga, there are many other
ways to relax. I usually bring three examples.

The first is L’Hiver de Mélisse herbal tea. The Dordogne is a real treasure trove of herbs. My friends Matthieu and Gaëlle Naulin of GAEC des Délices use them to create such delicious blends that you automatically close your eyes to enjoy them as much as possible. I will bring some samples.

Then the soaps made by my friends in Saint Astier. I love the original scents of their Naturel’Mandou soaps and especially their texture. They are wonderfully gentle on your skin. The secret? All natural ingredients, some of which you can even pick yourself.

Finally, I’ll bring some scented candles. Bougie by SdS. Sounds English, but their little factory is in Neuvic. As for the candles, I love their delicate scents. Since I discovered them, I always have one of their candles burning in the house.

Massage en yoga

Question 6: You’ve convinced me. I want a Rent-a-Relaxation. What should I do?

Marie-Hélène: You can book me for a private R-a-R or for a group R-a-R.
• Private session: 1 hour of yoga and 1-hour massage (€ 175).
• Group session (max. 3 people): 1 hour of yoga and 30 minutes of massage per person (for 3 people: € 190).
All prices are exclusive of travel costs, and of course we can create a tailor-made programme for you. Book through Zsuzsi and Floris.

It sounds crazy, but I am often the perfect gift. R-a-R is such a unique gift. For a birthday, a wedding or even as a surprise.

For some, I am pure indulgence, while many people want to get the most out of their holidays, and for all these people, I am Marie-Hélène. To be honest, my French is excellent, but my English is not so good. But oh well, my hands are masterful – and that appeals to many.