Big. Bigger. Biggest. The internet has been turning the holiday rental world upside down for years. Our Airbnb colleagues, founded in 2008 (!) already bring the entire French population 3x under a holiday roof every year! Fortunately, we, even 4 years older, are not. In fact, www.luxuryrentalsdordogne does its utmost to stay small.

In all honesty: in 16 years we are pretty frenchified. “Exceptionnel” instead of “standard”. Rather “tradition and authentic” than a new formula XXL. Our new website is therefore inspired by a successful patisserie. So absolutely not comparable to the breadmakers of the supermarket.

A good patissor understands the art of seduction of taste buds. With mousses, bavaroises or glazings. Preferably in all colours of the rainbow. Our new site uses the same technique. Fortyfour beautiful houses. From Châteaux, through Résidence, to gîtes special. We seduce your holiday feelings! An uncontrollable Dordogne desire is guaranteed.

Have we not made concessions to modern times? Bien sûr! www.luxuryrentalsdordogne can also be viewed via smartphone or tablet. For visitors with a 24/7 savoir vivre feeling, there is the availability calendar. Immediate clarity about the concrete feasibility of your holiday dreams! Plus, all details about the furnishings, the surroundings, the number of people, the prices.

Each house is described in detail. To truth! We, Zsuzsi and Floris, visited all the houses ourselves. We know all owners personally and have a good relationship with many. They entrust us with their most precious piece of France. To rent it out to people with the same passion for the good life in the Dordogne.

You will appreciate the courtesy in your personal contact. “Bonjour Monsieur, bonjour Madame, comment ça va” is the golden rule. Take your time, like all Périgourdins. You are rewarded with secret addresses, where only the happy few get their specialties (truffles, foie-gras, wine etc).

Sixteen years of Dordogne we cannot deny either. Mail or call us with your questions. About the houses. The best time of year. Whether you – and incidentally – in Périgueux in the Haute Cuisine can be consecrated. Preferably within a week. Or if there is a Rolls-Royce dealer near La Grange. Whether your length of 2 meters 13 is inconvenient for the nice cottage in Veyrignac.

Giving clear answers is the Spécialité de notre Maison. We do it with greatest plaisir. If you once knew how much knowledge of the Dordogne we gained in this way! So, do not hesitate to ask your questions. Call or mail us.

In short, you do not visit a website, but a specialist shop. With addresses that you would otherwise have passed by. Our range is explicitly formulated for connoisseurs. Are you someone like that? Or do you want to become a Dordogne Connaisseur in fourteen days? Then we wish you a lot of fun at www.luxuryrentalsdordogne.