Meet the owner: Cassagne

Get to know our home owners in this collection of their own personally written chronicles. The first home owner writing on our Blog is Angela. She is the owner of Cassagne, a lovely luxury self catering holiday home located near the Dordogne river.

The pull of South West France

What is it that lifts my spirits whenever I spend time in this part of France?
Of course opening the door of a house that I have owned for thirty years means there is familiarity but there is a sense of anticipation too as there is just so much more to do and see.

The rolling foothills of the Massif Central, combined with the Dordogne Valley, mean that there is fabulous scenery around every corner. The panoramic views from the top of the cliffs, over the walnut groves to the chimneys of the houses nestled in the medieval villages, with churches and chateaux adding their majesty, can’t fail to impress.

This area has been a second home to my two children and me. With their father we would spend the school holidays here in complete contrast to our home in London. Over the years we enjoyed getting to know the stall holders in the markets, where to buy the best bread, discovering good restaurants, visiting exciting caves and learning how to keep the canoes upright whilst we meandered down the Dordogne. Our house in Cassagne would become a bolt hole for friends and family who wanted to share our dream and by the end of the holidays we would return to England for a rest!

Cassagne Luxury Rentals Dordogne valley

A few years ago Ian and I started a programme of updating the house so that now Sarah and Charlie return with their friends, spouses and children to introduce new generations to the rhythm of this magical part of France. There are many more attractions competing for their attention as there has been a big increase in the amount of family entertainment. However the essence of the area remains just as we found it and Cassagne still holds the key to being that very special place that is always ready to welcome newcomers and those of us who come back again and again.

Cassagne contemporary kitchen